Welcome To Epiphany Health


What is Epiphany Health?

Epiphany is a health care program created primarily for individuals and families who either don't qualify for health insurance, can't afford traditional insurance or aren't offered health benefits though their place of employment.  We provide preventive care, chronic disease management and acute care for a variety of conditions for patients of all ages. The most common medical conditions can be successfully managed at the primary care level, meaning most people do not need to see specialists. There is also no reason to end up in the Emergency Room for minor illnesses or injuries because you have no other option. The Epiphany Health program offers a unique solution.

Primary care physicians (PCPs) are known for their ability to provide comprehensive high-quality care at low cost. For decades, insurers and government agencies have relied on the tremendous cost savings PCPs provide in order to reduce the cost of care. Unfortunately, when you bundle the inexpensive primary care with high cost medical treatments, such as surgical care, hospitalization and drugs, it raises the cost of care for everyone and creates a barrier to access.

At Epiphany Health, we believe that everyone should be able to afford primary care. We have uncoupled primary care from those cost-driving services, and added a network of ancillary discount services to create our membership-based primary care package. By bundling all of the routine and necessary services into a low monthly fee, our members enjoy an affordable patient-centered medical home with true price transparency.

Epiphany Health is not insurance, but it does ensure that you will have full, affordable access to your doctor for sick and well visits all year long. Make an appointment to meet with one of our physicians today, call toll free 855-GO-E-HEALTH.


" Fantastic doctor! He listens, and is a straight shooter. He cares about his patients and takes the time to explain complicated medical issues. He is an excellent doctor. You won't be disappointed. "

- Samantha P.